Why You Should Have a Branded Email for Your Business



Communicating through Email is one of your primary means of communication.


There are times when “free” ends up costing you.


A free email address from your ISP or a free service such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and the like are fine for personal use, but not a business because:
1. you are building awareness of their brand instead of yours
2. you are missing the opportunity to hint at what your website address is
3. with an ISP; if you change Internet Service Providers then clients won’t be able to reach you, and you will waste time and money adopting a new email
4. with a cloud provider; their advertising interferes with your communications
5. your messages are more apt to get lost in a SPAM filter
6. frugality seeds doubt about your legitimacy, stability, and quality

If your employees use a free email, then the peril is even greater. If they leave, then they take your business’s contacts and email history with them.

Make a good impression. For business use person@yourbrand.com e.g. john.smith@yourbrand.com and role@yourbrand.com e.g. accounting@yourbrand.com email addresses.