It's not about Who You Know, Y'know


Surely there has been a point in time over the life of your business where you have had to turn to someone for advice – whether it be for marketing, financing, legal, or more. With so many ways to seek this advice, who do you trust with your the welfare of your business?

It's simple: you go with who you know.

This is true of all businesses – and customers too. Familiarity means trust, and trust means loyalty. This makes networking an essential element to your business marketing plan. But more than just meeting people and building business relationships, it puts you in touch with like-minded individuals that are also continually striving to improve their business. This level of networking not only attracts businesses, but can create symbiotic partnerships with compatible businesses, increasing your level of service offered, as well as offering new insights on potential target demographics.

The opportunities that can be developed in a business networking environment are invaluable, from advice and industry knowledge to new or refreshed business ideas, or encouragement to take the plunge to start your own business (if you haven't already).

To emphasize the importance of Networking, Picasso Fish has partnered up with the Simcoe and District Chamber of Commerce to give out one free Membership (one year, valued at $180.80) to a lucky business owner. The only requirement is that you would be a new member to the Simcoe and District Chamber of Commerce. Please note that is you are already a member, the prize is transferrable, therefore you can give it to whomever you wish, or you can run your own contest with it.

How do you win?

One of 4 ways:

  1. Like our Facebook page, and comment telling us why you would like to win in one sentence.
  2. Follow us on Twitter, and tweet at us telling us why you would like to win.
  3. Follow us on LinkedIn, and tell us why you would like to win.
  4. Opt In for our newsletter for an automatic entry.

This contest will run from June 30th to July 15st, 2015. And don't forget that your business can be entered up to 4 times!