Corporate Identity

Corporate IdentityConsistency is at the core of recognition. And while evolution and variation are important, it’s crucial that your brand remains immediately recognizable. Picasso Fish can give your brand an entire set of identifiable attributes, from fonts to brandmark variations, to voice and attitude. We'll then produce a brand identity guide to ensure that your branding remains recognizable, no matter what the application.


BrandmarksA Brandmark could be thought of not as just a logo, but as the umbrella under which a logo rests. It’s everything from shapes to colours, from fonts to imagery - it's all-encompassing.
Brandmarks are used by everyone from multinational conglomerates to independent contractors.
A well-designed brandmark can speak volumes about your company, and plays an incredibly powerful role in increasing brand recognition.

Business Stationery Packages

Business Stationery PackagesBranded stationery can make a tremendous difference in the level of professionalism perceived in your clients’ or customers’ eyes. Our stationery packages include professionally designed: business cards, envelopes, and letterhead - lending credibility and consistently expressing
your brand.