Market Research

Market ResearchEvery strategic project at Picasso Fish begins with research. We provide full market research services (both qualitative and quantitative) to ensure that your communications projects are based on a solid strategy tied to viable business objectives.

Marketing Planning

Marketing PlanningAt Picasso Fish we believe every good communications strategy starts with a plan. We will work with you to understand your goals and communications objectives. We'll examine where you are, and then chart a course for where you want to be.


CopywritingAn important part of selling is salesmanship. Yes, it might sound obvious when stated in those terms, but it’s surprising how many get so caught up in how their marketing material looks that they completely overlook what it says.
At Picasso Fish, we have experienced, professional writers on staff to ensure that your marketing materials’ words are just as compelling as their looks.

Digital Marketing

Digital MarketingPicasso Fish has its roots in the digital realm; it’s only natural that we would find ourselves on the forefront of digital marketing. From optimization to linkbuilding, and from AdWords advertising to on-site e-commerce, we’ve got your digital needs covered.
Picasso Fish is a proud to be an active member of the Google Engage program.