Media Planning / Buying

Media Planning / BuyingIf you require broadcast services, Picasso Fish will analyze your desired target demographic and the media options available, and, based on available research and your budget, develop and execute the optimal media plan.


SignageSignage is where your branding efforts and physical location meet. It needs to be a clear, concise representation of your brand identity, while still being noticeable, stylish, and reader-friendly. Professionally designed signage can greatly increase the amount of foot traffic visiting your location, as well as greatly increasing brand recognition.

Vehicle Wraps / Billboards

Vehicle Wraps / BillboardsAt Picasso Fish, we approach the design of vehicle wraps and billboards with two objectives in mind: To be seen, and to be something people want to see. We realize that there’s a lot of eye candy out there, so it’s important to be captivating and leave a good impression.


RadioEver since the introduction of the 8-track, radio has been thought of as one of the most overlooked mediums in the advertising industry. The fact of the matter is, most people are exposed to radio constantly; in their car during commutes, at work, while waiting for the pre-roll in local movie theatres, in line at shopping centers, and even streamed live to peoples’ desktops. At Picasso Fish, we make a point of using quality creative to develop noticeable, memorable radio scripts, and employ our wealth of experience to find the best times to air them.


PrintFrom ads in trade publications to posters, to brochures, to leaflets—stuffed in newspapers, slid under windshield wipers, or even (historically) dropped from airplanes. Print advertising is a staple of the industry. Needless to say, we do it. And we do it well.

Audio-Visual Media

Audio-Visual MediaThere’s no substitution for video. Whether it’s a prime-time television ad, a YouTube instructional video, or an animated feature on your website explaining your business model, video has always been a medium that, by its very nature, blurs the line between advertising and entertainment. We help you make the best of this nature with entertaining, informative content.