Your Organization's Fingerprint

Corporate Identity

Corporate IdentityConsistency is at the core of recognition. And while evolution and variation are important, it’s crucial that your brand remains immediately recognizable. Picasso Fish can give your brand an entire set of identifiable attributes, from fonts to brandmark variations, to voice and attitude. We'll then produce a brand identity guide to ensure that your branding remains recognizable, no matter what the application.


BrandmarksA Brandmark could be thought of not as just a logo, but as the umbrella under which a logo rests. It’s everything from shapes to colours, from fonts to imagery - it's all-encompassing.
Brandmarks are used by everyone from multinational conglomerates to independent contractors.
A well-designed brandmark can speak volumes about your company, and plays an incredibly powerful role in increasing brand recognition.

Business Stationery Packages

Business Stationery PackagesBranded stationery can make a tremendous difference in the level of professionalism perceived in your clients’ or customers’ eyes. Our stationery packages include professionally designed: business cards, envelopes, and letterhead - lending credibility and consistently expressing
your brand.


The Key to Successful Communication

Market Research

Market ResearchEvery strategic project at Picasso Fish begins with research. We provide full market research services (both qualitative and quantitative) to ensure that your communications projects are based on a solid strategy tied to viable business objectives.

Marketing Planning

Marketing PlanningAt Picasso Fish we believe every good communications strategy starts with a plan. We will work with you to understand your goals and communications objectives. We'll examine where you are, and then chart a course for where you want to be.


CopywritingAn important part of selling is salesmanship. Yes, it might sound obvious when stated in those terms, but it’s surprising how many get so caught up in how their marketing material looks that they completely overlook what it says.
At Picasso Fish, we have experienced, professional writers on staff to ensure that your marketing materials’ words are just as compelling as their looks.

Digital Marketing

Digital MarketingPicasso Fish has its roots in the digital realm; it’s only natural that we would find ourselves on the forefront of digital marketing. From optimization to linkbuilding, and from AdWords advertising to on-site e-commerce, we’ve got your digital needs covered.
Picasso Fish is a proud to be an active member of the Google Engage program.


Delivering Your Message

Media Planning / Buying

Media Planning / BuyingIf you require broadcast services, Picasso Fish will analyze your desired target demographic and the media options available, and, based on available research and your budget, develop and execute the optimal media plan.


SignageSignage is where your branding efforts and physical location meet. It needs to be a clear, concise representation of your brand identity, while still being noticeable, stylish, and reader-friendly. Professionally designed signage can greatly increase the amount of foot traffic visiting your location, as well as greatly increasing brand recognition.

Vehicle Wraps / Billboards

Vehicle Wraps / BillboardsAt Picasso Fish, we approach the design of vehicle wraps and billboards with two objectives in mind: To be seen, and to be something people want to see. We realize that there’s a lot of eye candy out there, so it’s important to be captivating and leave a good impression.


RadioEver since the introduction of the 8-track, radio has been thought of as one of the most overlooked mediums in the advertising industry. The fact of the matter is, most people are exposed to radio constantly; in their car during commutes, at work, while waiting for the pre-roll in local movie theatres, in line at shopping centers, and even streamed live to peoples’ desktops. At Picasso Fish, we make a point of using quality creative to develop noticeable, memorable radio scripts, and employ our wealth of experience to find the best times to air them.


PrintFrom ads in trade publications to posters, to brochures, to leaflets—stuffed in newspapers, slid under windshield wipers, or even (historically) dropped from airplanes. Print advertising is a staple of the industry. Needless to say, we do it. And we do it well.

Audio-Visual Media

Audio-Visual MediaThere’s no substitution for video. Whether it’s a prime-time television ad, a YouTube instructional video, or an animated feature on your website explaining your business model, video has always been a medium that, by its very nature, blurs the line between advertising and entertainment. We help you make the best of this nature with entertaining, informative content.


Creativity Through Technology

Graphic Design

Graphic DesignGraphic Design is about more than just logos. Graphic Design applies to any number of things, from posters and newspaper ads, to the design of free-standing objects such as trade show booths and display racks, to package design such as product labels and multi-compartment boxes.

Information Architecture

Information ArchitectureInformation Architecture is the child of Web Design and Strategy, and it involves a full assessment of your content, your goals, your prospective visitors, your visitors’ mindsets, your traffic sources, and so forth. Your information is then organized in a way that allows optimal access to your desired clientele, and a more effective conversion funnel leading to your goals.

Web Design

Web DesignQuality design is about more than graphics. It’s about the seamless integration of unseen elements - things like functionality, sustainability, and intuitive usability. Our designers have a wealth of experience taking all the elements of good technical design, and wrapping it up in excellent graphical design.


Communication Begins With the Printed Word

Print Management

Print ManagementYou want to make sure your print collateral is well-executed. Our print management process ensures quality control by utilizing our trusted printing partners and managing your job through to delivery.


BillboardsEver want to see your name in letters as big as a full-grown man? A well-designed billboard is a great short-term marketing solution, potentially reaching thousands, or even tens of thousands of people every single day. There is, however, an art to the billboard: Picasso Fish can design a billboard that’s eye-catching enough to pull a commuter’s attention, yet simple enough to convey your message in the two seconds of attention the average billboard gets.

Newspaper Ads

Newspaper AdsWhile some have turned to online news sources, many households - particularly the ‘pools-and-patios’ and ‘new empty nest’ urban demographics - still appreciate and enjoy the experience of the newspaper, keeping this medium a viable, profitable marketing outlet.

Trade Publications

Trade PublicationsMagazines and niche trade publications are an excellent way to target an audience by demographic. Many publications feature full-colour, glossy pages that make for truly breathtaking ads given the proper artistic direction - direction that can be provided by our skilled graphic designers.


Enhancing Your Communications

Static Websites

Static WebsitesNot every website needs to be a major production. Static websites are generally smaller and don't need to be updated, reducing the maintenance requirements (though also limiting its life-span). They're commonly used for splash pages, online brochures, and time-limited promotional sites.
Typical static websites are small, don't need to be changed, often have a limited life-span, and are made with simple, straightforward technology.

CMS Websites

CMS WebsitesFor medium or larger web projects, a Content Management System (CMS) becomes a necessity. A CMS will come with extensions for dynamic features, such as social media feeds, photo galleries, and so forth. Perhaps most importantly, the CMS lets the user easily log into the back-end to quickly and easily change content as needed.
Common CMS systems are Joomla! And WordPress—our developers will be able to find the system that best suits your needs.

E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce WebsitesE-Commerce has been quickly becoming increasingly important in modern business. Businesses from Delhi, Ontario can deal with customers from Delhi, India. Businesses from Paris, Ontario can deal with customers from Paris, France. People are becoming much more confident with online transactions, and Picasso Fish is familiar with all the complex facets of setting up and maintaining e-commerce systems.

Custom Websites

Custom WebsitesHighly unique and dynamic needs require highly unique and dynamic sites. Our skilled programmers are very capable of building a database-driven website to suit your unique needs from scratch. If you have the vision, we can realize it.